Actress Priyanka Karki & Banker Rabina Deshraj’s swimming suit


Kathmanud. Priyanka Karki is one of the few actresses in Nepali movie industry with high sense of dress. In every program, new wardrobe and new looks of Priyanka easily come under public and cine media attention.

Banker Rabina Deshraj with Priyanka Karki 1

Recently, Priyanka Karki in her official Instagram account has shared her photo clicked together with banker Rabina Deshraj. Banker Rabina Deshraj is Priyanka’s boyfriend Ayushman Deshraj’s mother.

Banker Rabina Deshraj with Priyanka Karki 2

In Instagram shared photo both Priyanka and Rabina are in swimming suit and look hot. The actress has also shared other photos taken while celebrating holiday with her boyfriend Ayushman and his family members. Rabina too has posted similar types of photos in her Instagram account.

Banker Rabina Deshraj with Priyanka Karki 3

Published Date-September 4, 2017.