Bagmati – Nepali Full Movie ft. Shiva Shrestha, Rajesh Hamal, Keki Adhikari


A Tree Entertainment presentation BAGMATI || NEW NEPALI MOVIE 2018 || Ft. Shiva Shrestha, Rajesh Hamal, Keki Adhikari, Ravikar Ghimire || Synopsis The movie Bagmati is a story of a father Ravi and his child Kanchan. With the time his child suffering from genetic heart disease requires an urgent heart transplant surgery but for the poor father it’s really impossible but with is pure heart he tries but gets trapped in the con play of his friend and has to act accordingly to save his daughter. On the way he meets an escaped criminal Rajesh with whom he has to share his travel and face more troubles. After all the trouble the father, Ravi reaches hospital and finds his daughter is out of danger but has no idea what happened how the amount of surgery is paid. One day he gets a letter from the same criminal Rajesh and explains he was the person who helped him for the surgery and he also needs help. Ravi moves ahead to payback for his help. Cast: 1) Rajesh Hamal 2) Keki Adhikari 3) Starring: Ravikar Prasad Ghimire 4) Starring : Shreya Karki 5) Kanchan Thakuri 6) Dhurba Koirala 7) Ramesh Adhikari 8) Kishore Jha 9) Dipendra Acharya 10) Raj Katuwal Guest Artist: Shiva Shrestha, Mukunda Shrestha, Director & Screenplay :- Sunny Kerela Chief Associate Director:- Rajesh Bhaskaran Associate Director :- AnupThapa Asst Director & Dialouges:- Bimba Adhikari Project Adviser:- Ramesh Kumar Nair Executive Producer:- Anish Napit Camera man :- Sijju ASsociate Camera man :- Kiran Govinda Editor: Riyas Kalathode DOP: Shiju Guruvayoor Asst DOP:- Kiran Govind Music:Jyoti Prasad Ghimire, Shyam Maharjan Singer :- Bishow Nepali Production Controller: Nagendra Ghimire Assistant Production Controller: Ishwor Ghimire Ramhari Maharjan Fight Director: Rajkumar Uprety Assistant Fight Director Roshan Bikram Bhattrai Post production: Cine Zone DI Colorist: S.Vijaya Kumar Lab: Gemini Color Lab Dubbing Engineer: Binaya Shrestha Sound Design: BOB PHUKAN Sound Effect: SACHIN (sync sound chennai) Original Background Score:- A.S RAM Publicity Design: Tree Entertainment Pvt.Ltd Co-Produced By: Yasoda Rai, Subarna Maharjan , Saraswati Darshandhari, Ayusha Darshandhari, Produced By: Dinesh Darshandhari