KP Sharma Oli disagreement with the contents of the ordinance


Kathmandu: Chairman of the CPN UML KP Sharma Oli has said although the ordinance was issued by the President, his party had disagreement with the contents of the ordinance. “The issuance of the ordinance was however constitutional,” he said, wondering why the present government was delaying to step down.

Inaugurating the 17th annual general meeting of Nepal Mountaineering Association Friday, he said, “The ordinance issued after huge pressure is not constitutional. We’ve reservation over it.”

With the major votes gained by the leftist alliance, it is sure the next government would be led by the alliance. The alliance government would focus good governance, corruption control, national unity, peace and stability.
According him, the next government would augment India-China relations on mutual benefit.

UML Secretary Pradip Kumar Gyawali said as the political agenda have been addressed, time has come for addressing economic agenda.

Published Date-Dec. 29, 2017.