Nepali painting exhibition in Philippines:organized by Young Picasso

 Manila (Philippines): A painting exhibition organized at Mangaldan National High School in Dagupan Pangasinan of the Philippines has drawn an exciting participation. 

The panting exhibition organized by Young Picasso Organization established at Saugal of Lalitpur is marked with enthusiastic participation of students, painters, local people and other stakeholders, shared the organizer.

Organization’s managing director and painter Ajaya Deshar said that paintings reflecting tourism landscape, art, culture, tradition, religion and ethnic practices of Nepal have been put on display in the event.

The exhibition that kicked off on Tuesday will continue for three days. Under the solo art exhibition, the panting sketched by Ajaya Deshar, Kishor Nakarmi, Bipana Maharjan and Situ Maskey have been showcased in the exhibition.
The panting of Deshar – who has been continuously in the painting sector since 2055 BS – has described the festivals and cultural processions of Kathmandu.

Likewise, paintings by Maskey are about monasteries based in far-rung area of Nepal. Similarly, Nakarmi through his paintings have attempted to impart message of Gautam Buddha. He expressed his belief that the paintings would help widespread the importance of Buddha’s teaching to human being across the globe.

Published Date-Dec. 28, 2017

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