He was born in a small village of Tanahu district in Nepal in a humble farmer’s family

He had to drop out from high school because his family couldn’t afford his education.

He continued his education privately with support of his teaching job.

He had to resign from the post of Second lieutenant in the Army because of his family’s political background

He was demoted from his another job at Sahid Gangalaal Heart Hospital due to political interference.

In spite of all these hurdles in his life and career , today he has established himself as one of the most successful personality among Nepalese diaspora in the UK. He has recently been elected as a councillor from Dartford district council of Kent County.

Produced by : Prasamsa e-media & 361 Degree Production
Concept : Gundev Ghimire & Sagar Kharel
Presenter : Sirjana Gurung
Graphics : Rajin Maharjan
Camera/Editing/Direction : Gundev Ghimire