In this new episode of ‘Safal Nepali’ we are going to show you the story of Mrs Sobha Sharma Kandel. A successful Non Resident Nepalese women who has made all of us proud with her achievement in foreign land. She with her Hard work and dedication, has established herself as a qualified Pharmacist and a succcessful entrepreneur. This UCL graduate has proved that women are capable of running both home and Business with perfection. Mrs Kandel, a mother of four can be a source of inspiration for every Nepalese women around the world.

Safal Nepali… A story of an achiever is a tv show which bring to you story of a successful Nepali living in UK and other abroad countries who have achieved success in their respective fields with their talent and hard work. In every new episodes we introduce you to a new successful person and show thier, personal,Social and professional life .

Produced by : Prasamsa e-media & 361 Degree Production
Concept : Gundev Ghmire & Sagar Kharel
Presenter : Indu Karki
Graphics : Rajin Maharjan
Camera/Editing/Direction : Gundev Ghimire