Kathmandu . Nepalese Evergreen Actress Karishma Manandhar says that the secret of her beauty and fitness is exercise. Here is her daily routine every morning:

Karishma Manandhar 1

1. Karishma takes black tea in her bed
After going to the washroom, she goes to the garden and skips 1000 times on her skipping rope.  After skipping, she lifts 2.5 kg dumbbells.

Apart from her own effort, she also goes to fitness club. Karishma prefers yoga to technical exercises. Karishma’s favorite yoga routine are Shawashan, Anulombilom, Namaste Yog, and Surya Namaste. These yoga and exercises take 1.5 hours of Karishma’s time in the morning.

2.  Timely food is another important aspect of being fit. Karishma is careful in what and when she takes food. Regular food routine includes breakfast at 9, lunch, and only one cup of black tea. She drinks a lot of water and milk too. Although she doesn’t choose what she eats, she is careful in supplying all the essential vitamins and minerals.

Published Date- March 18, 2017.