The name Sundarijal was derived from the term that “Sundari” means beautiful and “Jal” means water. The river Bagmati originates from this region and it has been the major source of water supply for Kathmandu valley since the Rana Dynasty.

There is also a Hindu goddess, Sundarimai a temple dedicated to this name. Sundarijal Hydropower Station, located at Sundarijal, 15 km northeast of Kathmandu with previous installed capacity of 640KW , now upgraded to 970 KW + 10% with fully customized automation from July 2021 under rehab works by contractor Power Mech Project Ltd. Geographical situation Sundarijal is located 15 kilometres (9 mi) northeast of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu.

It is located in west side of Gagalphedi, east of Nayapati and Baluwa, and north of Aalapot. Northern portion of Sundarijal is the forest that belongs to Shivapuri National Park. Further to the end of Shivapuri National Park the Village touches Nuwakot and Sindhulpalchok Districts.

Sundarijal covers an area of 5.18 square kilometres (2 sq mi). The Bagmati River flows through the village, where tributary rivers Shyalmati and Nagmati confluence with Bagmati River. Sundarimai temple is located in the confluence of Nagmati and Bagmati. Similarly, there is Lord Shiva temple in confluence of Shyalmati and Bagma.