-Salina Thapa Magar
(Actress of Nepali Movie “Kaidi Ko Patra”)

I had always been a constant learner, always craving for more knowledge. I came UK in 2008. I am an active individual myself, as Performing Arts – Dancing has always been a passion for me.

I have been dancing since I was 5 years old and loved every step I took from there on, grabbed every opportunity that knocked my door. As Mr. Sanam Kumar Bairag uncle knocked my door with an exciting project “Kaidi Ko Patra” I could not let that opportunity let loose.

“Kaidi Ko Patra” shooting has been a spectacular experience for me. Before I even started my journey on this industry, Mr. Sanam Kumar Bairag uncle has been there for me, taught me and helped me out from day 1. Also, working with few experienced artists and behind the scenes team members in this movie, I got to learn a lot more.

I will be continuing to look for more opportunities to learn more, so that I can broad my knowledge. I really hope nothing but the best for “Kaidi Ko Patra”, Mr. Sanam uncle and the whole team members.