Manang.The splendour of the alpine Tilicho lake located 4,919 metres above the sea level at Nesyang rural municipality – 9 of Manang district continues to enchant the visitors.

Tilicho Lake 2

The lake offers a panoramic view of the great Himalayan range including the Mt Muktinath Tilicho and Mt Nilgiri. The route leading to Mustang from Tilicho, however, is yet to come into operation. The route is sure to facilitate the tourists’ journey to other destinations from here.

Tilicho Lake 1

The Tilicho lake is located 45 km uphill towards the northern direction from Manang. The visitors will have to travel on foot for eight unforgettable and adventurous hours stippled with views of pristine natural manifestations from Khasar area to Tare Gumba and then Srikharka before reaching the Tilicho’s base camp.

It takes three hours journey on foot from the base camp to reach the alpine lake. The visitors can access the facility of a four wheel drive to travel to Khasar from Bensisahar. But, they will have to walk or board a mule from Khasar to continue the journey.

The tourists are particularly fond of this trek route due to the facilities of hotels and restaurants. The Tilicho lake holds huge significance from religious point of view as well. Legend has it that during the pre-historic period Hindu God Shiva once meditated here and that Kagbesini Rishi attained deeper spiritual knowledge. The Hindu pilgrims come to the lake for fasting rituals. RSS

Tilicho Lake 3Published Date- September 4, 2017.