Kathmandu.This is the second comeback attempt of Niruta Singh. The superstar of Nepali film industry in the past was in fact, the first female superstar. But, when her interest in the film industry started to go below average, she left the film industry to go to Mumbai, India. She came back to try her luck in a few film but, failed to impress the audience.

Now, after 8 years of leaving the film industry, Niruta is all set to make a better comeback. She was featured in a cameo role in ‘Nai Nabhannu La 5’. After that, she also signed in ‘Dal Bhat Tarkari’, the film by MaHa jodi. Now, there is a report that she has signed in another film by Bikash Acharya, the director and producer of ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ franchise.

History of Niruta Singh

Actress Niruta Singh is a beautiful actress in Nepali film industry. Originally from Darjeeling, India, Niruta was introduced in Nepali film industry by noted director, Tulsi Ghimire in a 1993 movie ‘Dakshina’. The success of the movie helped her to get the position of one of the top actresses in the Nepali film industry.

Name – Niruta Singh
Birthplace – Darjeeling, India
Debut movie – Dakshina (1993)
Profession – Actress and singer

The success of another Tulsi Ghimire’s film ‘Darpan Chhaya’ helped Niruta to become number one actress in the industry. The movie proved to a huge blockbuster grossing Rs. 70 million in 2001, the highest collection of a movie till then.

In addition to acting, Niruata is also a singer and she has also released a solo music album titled ‘Deepshikha’.

After 2008, she took break from the movie industry and went to Mumbai to work in interior designing before returning to the industry again in 2010.

Noted movies of Niruta include

‘Darpan Chhaya’, ‘Afno Manche’,Afanta, Ajambari Nata, Nata Ragatko, Aago, The Game, Aamako Aashirwaad,Aamako Kakh,Aatankabadi,Afno ghar Aafno Manchhe,Aafno Manchhe,Aafno Pan,Chamatkaar,Chandni,Chitkaar,Dakshina,Darpan Chayan,Darr,Dodhar,Dui Kinara,Dui Pal,Dukha,Duniya,Farki Aau,Hami Sathi Bhai,Hero,Jiwandaan,Lahana,Ladai,Maili,Maiti,Man Mandir, Rahar,Thuldai etc.

Published Date-21st December, 2018